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Child Sexual Abuse (CSA)

We know that Child Sexual Abuse is a confronting issue, but one of the purposes of this project is to get people talking about it. If you search in Google, you will find that the most common meaning of CSA is “child sexual abuse”; our hope is that in the future the meaning of CSA transforms into Child Safety Advocacy.

One in five children in Aotearoa/NZ experiences sexual abuse
The average age when abuse begins
of all Oranga Tamariki sexual abuse cases affect Māori Tamariki and Rangatahi
ACC CSA claims in 2022
increase in ACC CSA claims since 2014
of girls experience CSA by age 16

What’s where on the website

The main purpose of this website is to support a trial project in the greater Otara area to develop community-led solutions to prevent child sexual abuse. Find out more about the project. If you still have questions after reading that, feel free to contact us.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much support or information specifically about CSA, but as we find things that are relevant we will include them on the site. There are prevention organisations and healing organisations if you would like to know more. There is also research and other information available.

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What’s new


New information will be posted soon.

Community Group Workshops

Our first professional development opportunity for community groups was about developing understanding of practical ways to work well with people in rainbow communities who have experienced violence. Hosted by Hohou te Rongo Kahukura, it was very successful – leading to requests to engage with their online learning resource. Comments included ‘excellent, friendly facilitators’, ‘really glad I went’, and ‘I had no idea what I didn’t know’. Find out more about their online course at https://www.kahukura.co.nz/info/rainbow-safe-training/

The second workshop was about Structural Analysis (SA), a set of tools based on the work of Paulo Freire, to assist marginalised groups in identifying strategies for change; it is providing the framework for our community-led prevention project. It was mainly learning-by-doing, a day of using some of those tools to develop understanding of both SA and CSA. The focus was on definitions of CSA and why it occurs.

Future professional development topics being considered include strategies for preventing abuse of pre-school children and dealing with disclosures; feel free to contact us about your particular interests – and watch this space!

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